Get paid on your way to better health

Wellness Incentive ProgramEarn up to a $350 incentive for completing the health risk assessment, knowing your biometric numbers and taking 3 online courses.

Firstlight Health only - Verification Form

Incentive 1 - $100

  • Take the confidential online health risk assessment online at the BlueCross BlueShield website. Click on the blue button in the right column that says "Take Health Assessment"
  • Register for an account with ClearCost Health. This service allows you to shop for medical services based on cost and quality ratings.

Incentive 2 - $100

Obtain current blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose results from a health clinic. Please use readings that were obtained within the last six months. Download the verification form to report in-range/out-of-range data and return it by the fax number or mail address listed on the form. Optimal ranges: Blood Pressure 120/80 or less, Total Cholesterol 200 or less and Fasting Glucose 100 or less

Incentive 3 - up to $150

Take up to three online health courses. Login to the BlueCross BlueShield website. Select "Healthy Living > Health Programs & Discounts" from the top menu bar. Then click "Use online tools" in the "Online Health Resources & Coaching" box in the right column. There are seven courses to choose from: Balance-Weight management, Nourish-Healthy eating, Move-Physical activity, Breathe-Tobacco cessation, Relax-Stress management, Control-Blood pressure, Achieve-Cholesterol.

Get Paid

There are three options for receiving the incentive money that your employer can choose from. It can be applied to the cost of your premium, added to a VEBA account or to an HSA account. You must be employed by the same employer and enrolled in the Resource BlueCross BlueShield insurance plan at the time of payout.


Schools: the incentive period is February-April and payment will be received in the late fall.
Cities/Counties: the incentive period is September-November and payment will be received in January-March.