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Professional training over lunch

These one-hour lunch and learn training sessions feature professional topics centering on employee productivity and technology utilization. Register online at using the events calendar or call Susan Brix at (320) 255-3236 or (844) ED LEARN.

Focus Faster and Use Time Tenaciously - January 22, 2015

with Rob Cavanna

In this fast paced session, learn about how to distinguish between the important and urgent in your day and life.  This will help you have more focus in achieving your daily priorities.  You’ll also learn basic principles that will help you identify and clarify your values, set goals and plan weekly and daily so as to maximize your time and accomplish your goals.

Excel for Beginners - February 26, 2015

with Anthony Farag

This is a session for beginners of Excel-and those that just feel that way! Our session will be a lite way of learning a few of the possibilities of Excel over lunch. You will not go from beginner to expert in 60 minutes but you will have fun seeing some new possibilities on what Excel can do for you.

Habits of Highly Effective People - March 12, 2015

with Rob Cavanna

Do you want to learn about how to be more effective in your work and your life in general? Come and learn how to build meaningful relationships, communicate better and be more proactive in all your dealings with colleagues and others.


Over the Rainbow Customer Service - April 9, 2015

with Martha Roth

Some people say, "Customer service training?!?  Why do you need that?  It's not like it's rocket science."  Yet if it is so easy, why don't we see great customer service all the time?  The truth is giving good customer service can be maddeningly and deceptively difficult.  Mathematical equations cause rocket science to be quite accurate and predictable.  But YOU + (angry face) = ???  YOU are the variable in the equation that can make the difference between soaring and crashing.
In this hour session, boost your understanding of who you are serving, how you are serving and what you can do to improve the impact you make to deliver great “Over the Rainbow” service every time.

Leading Effective Meetings - May 7, 2015

with Peg Imholte

Oh no, not another meeting!
What a time waster.
I could accomplish more taking a nap.
If this is what you think when you are called to a meeting, why not make your meeting effective?  It does take some planning. This presentation will share the importance of not only setting an agenda but also  sending it out ahead.
  • Time waster?  How about timing topics at a meeting.
  • Any reason to meet?  Know your goals
  • Running the meeting? Learn about the importance of establishing ground rules
  • Homework? Do it to be ready for your meeting

iPads for Business - June 11, 2015

with Anthony Farag

The iPad has been out for several years and has found its way in the hands of many businesspersons. How is it being used? We will look at some basic features of the iPad most businesses can use and then take a look at specific things some businesses do to bring iPad usage to a whole new level!