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Name Title Ext E-Mail Address
Robert C. Cavanna Executive Director/CEO 307 rcavanna@resourcetraining.com
Susan Brix Executive Coordinator 306 sbrix@resourcetraining.com
Susan Burris Director of the Center of Excellence 317 sburris@resourcetraining.com
Sandra Cordie Director of Educational Programs 319 scordie@resourcetraining.com
Bethany Drake Graphics and Communication Specialist 312 bdrake@resourcetraining.com
Anthony Farag Sales Specialist & Trainer 313 afarag@resourcetraining.com
Scott George Senior On-Site Health & Safety Manager 325 sgeorge@resourcetraining.com
Lowell Haagenson Special Education Specialist/School Advocate 355 lhaagenson@resourcetraining.com
Chris Hoeschen IT Manager 310 choeschen@resourcetraining.com
Peggy Imholte Family Education/Wellness Specialist 315 pimholte@resourcetraining.com
Mary Jenatscheck

Implementation Science School Advocate

359 mjenatscheck@resourcetraining.com
Rebecca Koelln Director of School Improvement Services 353 rkoelln@resourcetraining.com
Michelle Kutzorik Finance Assistant/Administrative Coordinator 311 mkutzorik@resourcetraining.com
Kristil McDonald Special Education School Advocate 360 kmcdonald@resourcetraining.com
Mark Olsen Director of Finance 309 molsen@resourcetraining.com
Kate Reichert Customer Service Coordinator 300 kreichert@resourcetraining.com
Martha Roth Program Assistant and Trainer 314 mroth@resourcetraining.com
Sarah Sirna K-12 Reading Specialist/School Advocate 359 ssirna@resourcetraining.com
Jodi Steinhofer Administrative Coordinator 316 jsteinhofer@resourcetraining.com
Deb Thomes Administrative Coordinator   dthomes@resourcetraining.com
Julie Toole Customer Service Coordinator 321 jtoole@resourcetraining.com
Michelle Wang Reading Specialist/School Advocate 358 mwang@resourcetraining.com
Wayne Warzecha Health & Safety Specialist 329 wwarzecha@resourcetraining.com
Amy Weaver Receptionist 300 aweaver@resourcetraining.com
Dan Weir Insurance/Risk Management Consultant   danjw@ebisinc.net
Ron Wieber Director of Health & Safety 302 rwieber@resourcetraining.com