SMART Board TrainingSMART Board Traning

SMART Board Level 1 (6 hours)

You have just received a SMART, are about to get one, or have had one for awhile but need help in locating all the capabilities now open to you. Or perhaps you took this course a long time ago and could really use a refresher.

If you fit any of these descriptions, Level 1 is the right course for you.

In our Level one course you will become comfortable with:
  • Hardware connections and how it all works together
  • Elements of a SMART Board presentation
  • Use of various Pen and Shape Tools to manipulate objects
  • The Pull Down menu
  • Basics of SMART Notebook Toolbar and Side Tabs
  • Practice at Lesson creation in SMART Notebook software
  • Creation of Pull Tabs
  • Introduction to Lesson Activity Toolkit
Access to online lesson time will be allotted to ask questions and create interactive lesson activities. Lunch and workbook provided.

SMART Board Level 2 (6 hours)

Now you either are an experience SMART Board user or have taken Level 1 and want to turn things up a notch!

Our Level 2 training has been completely revamped to include some special not in the book items along with manual materials:
  • Video conversion for use in SMART lessons (YouTube video without the website!)
  • Sound conversion and linking-teacher voice sound linking
  • Customization of your SMART Tools, Pages and Objects
  • Detailed use of My Content
  • SMART Recorder options with an example of Backwards Class teaching
  • Brief Review of Level 1
  • Page to page effective Linking in a lesson
  • Lesson Activity Tool kit
  • Lesson Creation and Dissection
  • Detail on SMART online resources
  • Exploration of other online websites that complement your SMART BoardTime will be allotted to ask questions and create interactive lesson activities.
Note: All participants should have basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS operating system software. Note: This class is not for beginners.

Lunch, workbook and handout of materials covered not in book provided.

Lesson Activity Toolkit aka LAT (3.5 hours)

Whereas Gallery Essentials has thousands of fun things to add to your pages, LAT has 760 pictures, multimedia, and page tools all meant to provide you a shortcut in lesson planning. But where does one begin? Although touched on in Level 1 and dealt more extensively in Level 2, this is a class devoted solely to gaining true expertise in Lesson Activity Toolkit.
  • from Anagram to Word Biz, how to customize all the LAT activities for your lessons
  • using tolls such as random name and group generators for better class transitions
  • customizing graphics tools and making them easily accessible for later use
  • limitations and best practices of LAT management
  • resources for help in using LAT
Note: This class is not for beginners. Participants must have either taken at least one course or be very comfortable in using SMART Board. Handouts provided.

Custom Sessions

Would you like to have the training done at your site on a professional development day? We are happy to help. SMART Level 1, SMART Level 2, SMART Response clicker system trainings as well as any combination of content material. For example, a special half day session of modified SMART Level 1 can be taught in the morning along with a modified SMART Level 2 in the afternoon. Call for a consultation.

HALF DAY - $500.00 plus mileage
$15.00 per person for books for member school districts

FULL DAY - $1,000.00 plus mileage
$15.00 per person for books for member school districts

SMART Board Kit Load Program

Do you have a need to borrow a portable, a table top SMART Board? We are making our portable SMART Board kit available to all current members for loan at no charge on an ongoing basis. They are great for using at booths and small group presentations.

The portable SMART Board kit comes with all the accessories to get up and running and fits in a very nice carrying case that is included. We will also include one projector. Equipment must be picked up and returned to Resource Training & Solutions offices in Sartell. Rentals are for up to one week. Resource staff can even show you how to set it up when you come to pick up the portable SMART Board.

To discuss SMART Board traning or rent the portable SMART Board kit contact Anthony Farag at or call (320) 255-3236 ext. 313.