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Ask The SMART Guys


Dear SMART Guys,
Can I combine two SMART Notebook lessons, edit it, and have it be one new file?

Sure. Open up Lesson A and go into your Gallery Tab. Open My Contents at the top of the folders you see there. While lesson A is open and My Contents is highlighted go to the little wrench to the right of the search bar in your Gallery Tab. A drop down menu will open showing choices, choose the one that says Add Current File to My Content. You will see the contents of My Contents increased by one and an icon will be appear that represents a copy of your entire Lesson A.

You can now close Lesson A. Dont worry-the copy in My Contents will be saved automatically. Open Lesson B and go to a page where you want to insert Lesson A. Open the Gallery Tab and My Contents again and find your copy of Lesson A. Drag it out to the open page. All the file pages from Lesson A will immediately load into Lesson B.

Now you can click your Page Sorter Tab (the side tab that looks like a piece of paper) and drag out to view of all the pages of your new file. Youll see a thumbnail of all your pages and you can move around pages, delete, etc.

Edit everything the way you want it and Save Your File with perhaps a new name.

Thanks to Nicole True of Onamia Schools!

In your Gallery tab page under Gallery Essentials there are plenty of icons with a little speaker in the bottom left corner (Such as a guitar or other instrument, for example).

But what if youd rather have the sound come on just by tapping the icon and not the speaker in the lower left? (This could be helpful for immediate feedback exercises)

Can you change these sound icon setups? YES-just tap the icon, use the drop down menu -Sound - change the Launch by Clicking setting to Object. Click OK.

Now the guitar icon will play just by tapping anywhere on the guitar instead of having to click the speaker in the bottom left.

Flash Activities in SMART Notebook Software

Thanks to Jane Raeker of Melrose Schools!

MAC Users - are you unable to open Flash Activities in Smart Notebook software? Do you just get a message saying you need Flash when you try to open an icon with Flash in it-and you are sure you already have Flash downloaded?

On mid July 2010, SMART Tech help said there is a known problem with Notebook and the latest version of Flash 10.1 

They suggested uninstalling the latest version of Flash and going back to 10.0. Janes Flash activities in her SMART files worked after doing this.


Many teachers have come to our classes with the concerns that they cannot connect to YouTube at school to take advantage of the links tool in SMART software. Some have also had difficulty linking sound files from their iTunes library to their SMART files, too.

Well, with that in mind our Level 2 SMART classes will now address these issues even though they are not in the SMART learning manual:

  1. You will learn a technique to change a YouTube video into a .flv file that you can drop right into your SMART notebook page and play it without being connected to the internet. This works for both MACs and PCs. The YouTube video now becomes part of your SMART file so you do not have to depend on a link nor be concerned about not having access at school to YouTube at school.
  2. How to turn your iTunes songs into mp3 format so you can successfully link them to items in your SMART notebook files.