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Peggy Imholte
Family Education/Wellness Specialist
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Martha Roth
Program Assistant and Trainer
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Resource Training & Solutions is committed to investing in the communities we serve. The Family Education Program helps people meet the challenges of parenthood. Resource provides many training options for families including day and evening sessions.
What parents are saying about Resource Parent education classes:
Becoming a Love and Logic Parent (Presenter: Peg Imholte and Anthony Farag)
  • I loved this class. It has already really helped me. Thank you.
  • This class was great. I never knew about this style of parenting. It's going to work out great. Thanks a lot!
  • I learned a ton of valuable strategies and makes me feel confident in being a better mother.
  • TESTIMONIAL: "I used my empowering statements to get my 6 year old to put the books away properly. I felt terrific after that incident. I wasn't drained from it like I usually am when trying to get E to put things away. Tonight was my biggest achievement so far. E refused to eat the dinner provided, so she began whining for something else like cereal. Usually we go through this routine for about 20 minutes then I usually give in by making deals with her. Not tonight. I stuck with the empowering statements and she began eating the dinner on her own. Yeah for me. I feel great. Thanks again for providing the opportunity for the Love and Logic Parenting. I may just sign up for it again. Thanks."  Brandi B. ~Happily enjoying parenting now.
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Siblings: Building Relationships That Last (Presenter: Angie Klinefelter)
  • Very effective & knowledgeable speaker. Great job! 
  • Excellent, calm, specific methods that would seem to work easily & well
  • Nice location & cost - nice to have some classes from 6-8pm  
Parenting Angry Children (Presenter: Christine Fehst)
  • Excellent learning seminar
  • Instructor was very positive and knowledgeable
  • Good class to remind you of ways of implementing strategies that you already knew but forgot 

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Love and Logic