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Student Online is provided through the Minnesota Service Cooperative (MSC) Online Learning Project, an approved online provider with the Minnesota Department of Education.

Online Learning for Students provides challenging educational opportunities for students who need credit recovery, advanced, additional or specialized courses, and/or a flexible learning environment. The courses offered through Online Learning provide a rich, multimedia environment for student learning, along with many opportunities for individual learning. The courses require student involvement via online discussions, chats, projects and inquiry-based assignments, and include frequent contact with the teacher.

Online Learning is a part-time, non-diploma program, so students will remain enrolled in their own districts while taking online courses. Courses are flexible, rolling enrollment courses that can be individualized to better meet the needs of your students.

Why online learning for students?
  • Provide credit recovery and reduce drop-out rates
  • Replacing/enhance home-bound instruction for students with medical issues
  • Bring back students who have chosen home school instruction or out of state internet schools, increasing district PPU.
  • Provide more flexible learning environments for students and staff
  • Increase the number of course offerings in our school without increased staff expenditures.
  • Job-embedded learning.