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Leadership Academy: THE Principal Evaluation System for now and the Future

Minnesota school districts have an important decision to make for the 2013-14 school year: Which principal evaluation system will best meet your district’s needs – next year, and for many years to come?  We’d like to make sure you have all the information you need to make your decision, including specifics on the School Leader Evaluation Model developed by Dr. Robert Marzano to align with and support the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model.  Dr. Marzano’s Leader Evaluation Model draws on the most up to date research available on principal growth and evaluation, and meets the MN state standards required for principal evaluation next year.
Leader Growth and the Link to Student Achievement: Aligning Goals and Expectations
  • School districts already using Dr. Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model will benefit from having an aligned principal evaluation model which focuses on shared goals, a common language of instruction, and provides aligned expectations.
  • The Marzano Leader Evaluation Model focuses on specific behaviors shown to impact student achievement, vital in today’s high-stakes evaluation environment.
  • The model provides clear evidences to assist administrators in providing a fair and accurate evaluation.
  • The model is built on Dr. Marzano’s years of research into the specific principal behaviors which have the highest impact in a school district.
  • The model also aligns with Dr. Marzano’s new District Leader Evaluation Model, and the Marzano Center’s Instructional Support Member Evaluation Framework.
  • For districts already using iObservation for teacher evaluation, there is no additional fee for adding the school leader model.
If your overriding goal is to increase student achievement within your district, Dr. Marzano’s School Leader Evaluation model is the right choice. The Marzano Leaders Evaluation Model is focused on proven elements that build and maintain strong relationships among principals, teachers, and the community through a shared vision and a common language of instruction.  Please visit http://www.marzanocenter.com  to learn more, or call 320-255-3236 for more information.

Marzano Resource Leadership Academy

A Leading Forward Initiative

In collaboration with Learning Sciences International, provider of iObservation and the Marzano Center, Resource Training & Solutions is proud to announce a new service program designed to provide professional development, support, and implementation of Dr. Robert Marzano’s Art and Science of Teaching Instructional Framework, along with special pricing on iObservation software.

District Leaders will receive two to three days of training on the Art and Science of Teaching Protocol for Instruction which identifies the 41 key research-based strategies for effective teaching presented in a robust, easy-to-understand model. Leaders will also have the opportunity to learn through on-site trainings, scheduled to meet the needs of busy schools and districts.

The Marzano Resource Leadership Academy includes the following:

Learning Sciences International will also offer iObservation, a web-based platform for teacher growth, development and evaluation, at cost-saving rates through the Marzano Resource Leadership Academy if you are a member of a Leading Forward participating service cooperative.
  • The two or three-day training focused on the Art & Science of Teaching Protocol. (Up to 10 District Leaders)
  • Five Leadership Cohort Sessions at Resource Training & Solutions to address topics, review data and offer assistance during implementation of Art & Science Framework via iObservation, (Up to ten participants)
  • Three half-days of iObservation Technical Training onsite at your district. (Up to 30 participants)
  • Six full-day Teacher Workshops onsite at your district to support the implementation of a comprehensive model of instruction and a framework for instructional design. (Max of 100 attendees per session)
  • On-call/on-site coaching and support from Resource and Learning Sciences International Staff

Join us this year as we explore the tools you need to succeed!

For more information or to get involved please contact Melissa Holm mholm@resourcetraining.com (320-255-3236).

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Marzano School Leadership Evaluation Model

Designed to align with the Marzano Causal Teacher Evaluation Model, the new Marzano Leadership Model promotes a school-wide concentration on student achievement using a common language of instruction. Prepared by Learning Sciences Marzano Center Center for Teacher and Leadership Evaluation.

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