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Robert C. Cavanna
Executive Director/CEO
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Dan Weir
Insurance/Risk Management Consultant
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Susan Brix
Executive Coordinator
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Resource Training & Solutions provides a group health purchasing coalition of local governmental entities including schools, cities, counties and other governmental agencies (hereinafter referred to as pool members). As the fiscal host of self-funded group health pools, Resource Training & Solutions provides members with health insurance information and specific strategies aimed at minimizing and/or controlling rising health care expenses. Some of the strategies include:
  • Assumption of Risk
  • Care Support/Disease Management
  • New Alternative Health Benefit Designs
  • Purchasing Coalition
  • Risk Management and Pooling Excess Claims
  • Provider Network
  • Joint Request for Proposals
  • Health Care Utilization Reports
  • Consumer Information
  • Joint Purchasing Supplemental Benefits
  • Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA) Trusts
  • Advisory Committees
  • Financial Management 
  • Information Workshops
            MNTAAB 2009-2010 Pool Results
            Deadlines and Procedures for Participation MNTAAB 2011A: Aid Anticipation Pool

Team Mission
"We provide superior insurance products, risk management programs and financial arrangements for individuals and organizations."

For more information call Dan Weir at (800) 864-3797 or email at danjw@ebisinc.net