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Part-Time Employment or Consulting Contract

Facilitator–Teacher Development and Evaluation Project


Six Regional Centers of Excellence, a partnership of the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and Service Cooperatives, are developing a regional delivery system for teacher development and evaluation implementation using the expertise of a cadre of facilitators.
Southeast/Metro Center of Excellence is seeking Teacher Development and Evaluation Project Facilitators who will support districts and schools in our area in implementing:
  1. highly-effective observation and conferencing practices (approximately 386 hours or 48.25 days), and
  2. highly-effective assessment and goal-setting practices for student learning goals (approximately 355 hours or 44.375 days).
This assignment will be carried out during the 2014-2015 school year and may be filled a by one or two persons. Facilitators must be able to provide trainings on a flexible schedule, be able to travel within theassigned region, and attend trainings at Minnesota Department of Education.  Applicants should indicate which of the two facilitation assignments for which they would like to be considered.
Each facilitator will provide the target audience with professional development pertaining to the activities named above and technical assistance to districts and charter schools in implementing practices.  Qualification and responsibilities are outlined below.


  • Previous or current teacher license or other education license.
  • A master’s degree in education or related specialty.
The facilitator will demonstrate experience and expertise in teaching and leading professional development. The facilitator demonstrates experience in:
  • Successful teaching that produced positive student results.
  • Leading or facilitating adult learners in professional development settings.
  • Mentoring, coaching or supervising teachers.
  • Standards, assessment, and data literate.
  • Managing multiple tasks and meeting timelines.
  • Working independently and interdependently.
  • Providing leadership in district or school initiatives.
  • Developing and maintaining strong professional relationships using interpersonal skills that promote trust, rapport, collaboration and capacity building.
The facilitator will agree to a set of behaviors and activities. This agreement to participate in a cadre of facilitators includes agreement includes
  • Participating in a cadre of facilitators and participating in professional development, trainings, coaching, and ongoing support activities.
  • Implementing the toolkits and workshops in alignment with outcomes and guiding principles (understandings and beliefs).
  • Implementing the toolkit components (including workshops) with fidelity.
  • Providing feedback and/or assessment data to MDE on training, delivery of workshops, toolkit implementation and ongoing support to districts and/or charter schools.
  • Providing to MDE recommendations for program improvement. 
  • Maintaining use of the toolkit including workshop materials as MDE’s ownership; permission required from MDE if a facilitator changes content or distributes materials beyond the scope of the agreement.
  • Maintaining a log of facilitator activities including workshops delivered and ongoing implementation support to workshop participants.
  • If applicable, obtaining written approval and support of current supervisor for performing in the role.

Responsibilities and Functions

The facilitator will be trained in the role and will provide professional development and technical assistance for to the state model and toolkits. The responsibilities and functions of a facilitator include:
  • Participating in cadre professional development, training, and support activities
    • Engage in MDE-lead model and toolkit trainings as a participant.
    • Complete (successfully) model and toolkit training.
      • Learn how to facilitate the workshops.
      • Learn how to use Implementation Frameworks to provide follow-up support and technical assistance to districts in applying practices effectively.
      • Learn how to customize the workshops to meet participant needs.
    • Attend monthly professional development sessions between MDE and the cadre of facilitators via webinars.
    • Meet monthly for one-on-one coaching and problem solving sessions via webinars or during an onsite visit.
  • Providing to districts and charter schools professional development workshops (i.e., Conducting Observations and Growth-Focused Conferences, Minnesota State Model, and Student Learning Goals workshops) and follow-up support.
    • Providing workshops to districts/ charter schools in their region.
    • Conducting a district needs assessment to customize training and to provide support in implementation.
    • Providing follow-up support to districts or charter schools with implementation practices that assist in establishing, monitoring, assessing, and continually improving practices.
    • Collecting data on participant workshop experience, presentations and materials, and follow- up provided.
    • Providing recommendations to MDE to continually improve toolkit and services to districts and charter schools.
  • Communicate regularly with MDE Project Leader regarding facilitator activities, needs and requests through
  • Email and phone calls
  • Monthly cadre meetings.
  • Monthly check-ins or site visits
  • Log of facilitator activities.
Compensation: Consultants should include a desired daily rate in their proposal.  Daily rate for an employment position will take into consideration industry standards and local market demand and will fall within SSC’s compensation guidelines and the Center’s MDE-approved budget..  Compensation will be based primarily on education and experience. 

Location: Primary service area is Central Minnesota.Potential to serve additional areas of the State.
Date Project Starts: August 1, 2014 or as soon as possible thereafter

Date of Opening: Friday, July 18, 2014

Date Closing: Monday, July 28, 2014


Susan Burris, Director of the Central Lakes Regional Center of Excellence
sburris@mnce.org or cell (320) 248-4657