Position Opening:

System Improvement Specialist,

Central Lakes Regional Center of Excellence

Location: The Central Lakes Regional Center of Excellence SSOS Team serves 30 schools in approx. 27,000 square miles of Southern and Central MN. Many services, planning meetings, and trainings are conducted in the metro area, while team meetings are held at Resource Training &Solutions in Sartell, MN. This individual may office from Resource Training and Solutions or home.

Date Position Starts: July 1, 2016


The purpose of the Regional Centers of Excellence (RCEs) is to provide a coherent statewide system of differentiated support that results in sustainable, meaningful change. Through a partnership with the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Service Cooperatives, the RCEs build the capacity of districts, schools, and charters to engage in the continuous improvement process and implement the World’s Best Workforce legislation. The ultimate goal is to close achievement gaps while raising achievement for all students and increase graduation rates for all student groups.

The role of the systems improvement specialist is to contribute to systems level program development, implementation, and monitoring as well as support to center staff. The systems improvement specialist works in partnership with RCE directors, RCE program manager, and the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) staff.

It is the responsibility of the systems improvement specialist to provide assistance and support to school boards, school districts, authorizers, schools, and charter schools in implementing research-based interventions and practices to increase student achievement within a region.

The systems improvement specialist provides support to Regional Center staff and school site leadership teams that enable them to build capacity to implement programs that close the achievement gap by 2017 by raising the achievement for all students. This work will also increase student progress and growth toward career and college readiness and increase student graduation rates. These efforts align with requirements in Minnesota Statutes Ch. 116 and 120B.115, Section 7, and Federal guidelines.

Using the frameworks of Implementation, the systems Improvement specialist develops capacity of RCE, district, and school staff by providing technical assistance, onsite coaching, and/or professional development that supports the Common Principles of

Effective Practice
  • Educational equity
  • School leadership team
  • Learning teams of teachers
  • Continuous improvement processes (data mining, needs assessment, root causes analysis, defined and measurable goals, and implementation of evidenced based practices)
  • Standards based education systems with tiered levels of support
  • School cultures that support learning
  • Partnerships, community engagement, and family engagement
  • Other RCE- aligned state and federal education initiatives


The RCE is seeking individuals who possess the following experience, knowledge, and skills:
  • Experienced, highly qualified educator or administrator, with building or district leadership experience preferred, as well as an understanding of data use at the building and/or district level.
  • Experience in collaborating with schools, building and district leadership to implement school improvement processes.
  • Ability to conduct statistical analysis at the student, classroom, school, district, and state level across all major data reports such as assessment, graduation, enrollment, staffing, and finance.
  • Ability to gather, organize, synthesize, and present information to diverse audiences and provide technical assistance and coaching experiences to educators.
  • Knowledge of current research and evidence-based practices; and proven methods for implementing theory into practice.
  • Demonstrated ability to build capacity and sustainability in schools and teams.
  • Effective skills in communication and interpersonal relationship building.
  • Ability to establish coaching relationships, as well as develop, facilitate, and evaluate professional development and technical assistance with adult learners.
  • Experience in the implementation of evidenced-based instructional practices or strategies in relationship to the science of implementation.
  • Ability to assist schools in identifying and overcoming the barriers to learning, and to leverage regional resources to improve student achievement and close the achievement gap.
  • Experience in designing, implementing, and monitoring meaningful and realistic school improvement efforts.
  • Understanding of educational equity, experience in closing gaps that exist, ability to analyze these gaps through a systemic, school, and classroom lens.
  • Ability to use multiple sources of data within the continuous improvement process to improve instruction and achievement for all students.
  • Experience using or willingness to learn Excel functions, formulas, and pivot tables.
  • Experience in collaborative decision-making processes.
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing, with all levels of LEA staff, Regional staff, MDE staff, and the general public.
  • Organizational skills to plan, coordinate, and follow through on tasks.


Support of the RCE Purpose
  • Collaboratively lead the transformation of practices, organizations, and systems; including the bridging of policy and practice.
  • Align common goals and activities across school and district improvement plans.
  • Represent RCE initiatives, programs, services, and resources to education organizations and other stakeholder groups.
  • Establish a trusting environment and culture for learning.
  • Coordinate, lead, and evaluate continuous improvement efforts.
  • Communicate a consistent message to all stakeholders.
  • Participate in center director meetings and systems improvement specialist meetings with the RCE program manager. Other meetings may be added as needed.

Leadership for implementation
  • With directors, differentiate and prioritize technical assistance for schools.
  • Build capacity of others to guide continuous improvement.
  • Develop, support, and monitor professional development by center staff with an emphasis on coaching.
  • Provide communication, coaching, and implementation support to district staff.
  • Apply and utilize the Framework of Implementation. http://nirn.fpg.unc.edu/learn-implementation
  • Identify and guide change of instructional practices and characteristics of school culture that do not fully support high expectations and the engagement of all students.
  • Build the capacity of school leadership to effectively interpret data, communicate results, and engage in root cause analysis to impact student achievement.
    • Understand and use techniques to visualize and analyze data at the district, school, classroom, and student levels, what it means, what is missing, and its limitations; in order to effectively support the data driven decision-making process.
  • Coordinate, support, and facilitate job embedded professional development opportunities for staff.
  • Coach, co-teach, demonstrate, and provide feedback to others on the use of data as a basis for continuous improvement.
  • Develop materials and trainings to assist with the use of data and data analysis.
  • Facilitate, guide, and build capacity of leadership teams on implementation of evidence-based practices that improve educational outcomes for marginalized student groups.
  • Facilitate work groups that support the goals of the RCEs.
  • Develop case studies that focus on successful RCE schools to determine processes and strategies that were most effective to inform the work of the RCEs.
  • Responsibilities may include: develop, support and maintain RCE data management systems, including professional development, manuals, and revisions; and technology use.
  • Collaborate with MDE staff in the use of State data and RCE program evaluation.
  • Other tasks as assigned.

Professional & Ethical Relationships
  • Model appropriate personal, professional, and ethical behavior.
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills; facilitate groups effectively.
  • Foster positive, productive, and collaborative relationships with school staff, RCE staff, service cooperative staff, and MDE staff.
  • Participate in learning communities and professional organizations to network with other professionals and continue to expand knowledge and skills necessary to support system-wide change.
  • Meet regularly and foster positive, productive, collaborative relationships with MDE staff, partnership colleagues, district and school staff, and others. Participate in the RCE Cross Agency

Resource Management
  • Participate in specialized professional development provided by the RCEs and MDE.
  • Travel is required to perform the duties of the job; mileage costs are reimbursed.
  • Make appropriate and sound use of time, technology, and resources.
  • Complete all operational requirements within a timely manner (Center of Excellence Staff Time, Activities, Resources-CESTAR, required reports, etc. as needed).

FTE Allocations

Systems Improvement Specialist
.4 Support to Districts
.2 Facilitation: work groups, which may include professional development, PLCs, the Record of Continuous Improvement, resource and process alignment with Minnesota Standards, new staff induction, and others as determined.
.2 Participation on teams: Participation meetings including Director and Cross-Agency Implementation Team (1 of 3 SIS), regional teams, Systems Improvement Specialists, special groups, and check-ins with program manager and director. Check-ins and coaching with RCE staff, as needed.
.2 Support to schools

Reports to: Resource Training and Solutions, Central Lakes Regional Center of Excellence Director

Application Materials: Should include a Letter of Interest, Resume, Copy of current MN License in Education, three letters of recommendation and a list of professional references.

Please send all materials to:
Resource Training and Solutions
Attn: Lowell Haagenson, Central Lakes RCE Director
137 23rd Street South, Suite 201
Sartell, MN 56377

Questions: Please call Lowell Haagenson at (320) 492-9092