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Resource Training & Solutions is a Minnesota Service Cooperative, one of nine in the state. As a nonprofit public corporation and member-driven organization, we provide support, services and solutions that contribute to our members’ success.


Here’s a list of some of the things we do and how we make them happen

School Programs
We’re the people who put on many of the academic events you see in the news.  We facilitate the Spelling Bee, Young Authors Young Artists, Project Earth, Science Rocks!, Knowledge Bowl, Junior Achievement/Titan Program, the Stock Market Game, Cyber Knowledge and others.  These programs enrich the educational experiences of thousands of central Minnesota’s kids each year.

In addition to our fantastic and fun extracurricular activities, we help schools develop their curricula through the Title 1 and gifted and talented networks. Essentially, we teach the people who teach central Minnesota’s kids.

Another program we offer to enrich education in central Minnesota is Leading Forward: Transforming Education.   This program helps school administrators identify leaders and to use those leaders to coach other educators.  The program is steeped in research from leading education experts and is built to adhere to the mandates set forth by state and federal regulations.

It’s not just schools
While much of our work is school-centered, it’s not our only focus.  We’re proud to offer many of the same services to cities, counties, other government agencies, nonprofits and the general public that we do to schools because these agencies benefit from our work, too.  Those programs include health insurance, wellness programs, cooperative purchasing, health and safety, technology training and parenting classes.

Health Insurance
In short, we provide high quality insurance to public servants while keeping costs down.  It’s called economies of scale.  The more you have of something, the lower the price per unit.  If cities, counties and school districts all arranged their own health insurance, the cost per employee would be much higher than it is now. By pooling their employees with those of other agencies, school districts, cities, counties and others are able to keep their costs down. We manage the health insurance pool.  By having a large, diverse membership, we’re able to keep costs down for everyone, including taxpayers.

Wellness Programs
This is another way for us to keep costs down for our customers.  By facilitating successful wellness programs, we’re insuring a healthier workforce.  The result is a lower number of absences and fewer visits to the doctor, which keeps insurance premiums lower than average.
While we facilitate and provide the incentives for wellness programs, they’re made possible by coordinators in each agency that participates in the program.

Cooperative Purchasing
One of the biggest costs associated with any governmental organization and many schools is the bureaucracy involved in buying the things they need.  Let’s say a city needs a swing set for a park or a school needs one for its playground.  They’ll be forced to go through a bidding process, which can take a large amount of human resources (time).  Cooperative Purchasing gets rid of the waiting period and allows organizations to buy from vetted vendors at competitive prices, without having to wait through the bid process.  Saving time saves money.

Health & Safety
Safe working environments are important.  Worksite injuries can cost taxpayers plenty.  Our Health and Safety experts perform safety inspections, advise asbestos removal, provide training for boilers and electrical implements, and perform a variety of other tasks that make our cities, counties, schools and other organizations as safe a place to work as possible.

Technology Training
Technology is changing with each new day.  We have trainers on staff and on-call to help keep your organization up to date on the latest technology.

Room Rentals
Located on the border of Sartell and St. Cloud, our new location is an ideal setting for meetings, training or retreats. Our new facility is equipped to handle groups of many sizes. Get free wi-fi, optional catering, free parking and support from our professional staff.

Rooms can be booked hourly or on a daily basis. The staff at Resource is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We will assist you in planning your rental to ensure that you have a successful meeting.
If you want to know anything more about Resource Training & Solutions, please like our Facebook page, send us an email or give us a call.